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As a leading PVC patch manufacturer, we provide a myriad of customization options. From versatile color palettes and distinct shapes to various sizes, textures, and backings, tailor your patches to perfection, reflecting your unique style and purpose.

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Patch Designs

Choose the type of PVC patch you want. PVC patches come in 2D or 3D designs. A 2D design is flat and has two levels of height, while a 3D design has multiple levels, giving it a more textured and dynamic appearance.

3D Design

3D Design PVC PAtches n

2D Design

2D Design PVC PAtches n

Patch Thickness

We offer PVC patches in versatile thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm. Tailor your patches to your preference, ensuring the perfect balance of flexibility and durability for your specific application needs.


2mm PVC Patches





Patch Backing

Decide on the backing option for your PVC patch. Common choices include hook and loop (Velcro), iron-on backing, adhesive backing, or no backing (sew-on). Choose the backing based on your intended application and ease of use.


Velcro Backing types n


sew on pvc patches n

Heat Seal

iron on pvc patches


Peel & Stick Backing patches


magnetic pvc patches n

Patch Shapes

Decide on the shape of your PVC patch. PVC patches can be designed in various shapes, including standard shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, or custom shapes that suit your design concept.

Custom Shapes

Normal Shapes

pvc patches shapes

Patch Colors

When designing your PVC patch, take advantage of our capability to support up to 12 vibrant colors in a single patch. This allows you to craft a visually stunning and attention-grabbing design that perfectly aligns with your branding, design theme, or intended message. Select from a broad spectrum of colors to infuse life and vibrancy into your PVC patches, ensuring they leave a lasting impression. Let your creativity flourish with the rich palette of possibilities we offer.

PVC Patch Colors

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